remarkable times

of a

common life

john j schneider

army boy, 1972

What is Time and why is it so Remarkable? The substantive question of time is Eons old but is remarkably simple. Time is merely a measurement of change. If nothing changes, there is no Time. For a fundamentally universal example, if there is no change in atoms that make up the creation, no variation in the position or energy in subatomic particles, then there can be no Time. But, since all things change, Time marches on.

The Remarkable thing is that we as cognitive creatures recognize the concept of Time, thus bridging the gap between the physical universe and the spiritual universe. Not that we are always conscious of it. But when one pays it attention, a passing cloud in variations of white and gray playing hide-and-seek with a blue sky, a flower swaying in the breeze, its perfume aloft, the songs of birds and laughter of children in all its music, the poet in our heart takes notice. And the link between Physical and Spirit blooms, if one takes the Time. If this poetry is ignored it is a tragedy. If it is cultivated, it is of unsurpassable value.

My meager attempt and documenting some of my more Remarkable Times is encapsulated herein. I hope it stimulates you to consider your own Remarkability. Release the Poet within! Become Rich! Share it with the world! Truly it is better to give than to receive!