remarkable times

of a

common life

the stories

  1. Remarkable Time Indeed
  2. As A Child Sees It
  3. A Son's View
  4. The Blind Date
  5. The Court-Martial
  6. Finding an Alternate State
  7. First Day of School
  8. The Big Rollout
  9. An Animal Rescue
  10. Short Story Long: San Diego
  11. "But I Don't Wanna Get A Cat!"
  12. "Sasha's Health Update Report"
  13. A Broadway Play & Carnegie Hall
  14. "But I Don't Wanna Go Golfing!"
  15. The Mexican Getaway
  16. Cruise II
  17. Leaving Ann Arbor
  18. The Upgrade Horror
  19. To Outrun a Hurricane
  20. An Experiment With Cars
  1. Back to Running
  2. A Texas Story
  3. New PC --Upgrade Horror II
  4. Put Your Name on the Web
  5. Karla Bonoff
  6. Karla Bonoff, Savannah Concert
  7. Birthday Dolphin Tour
  8. How I Learned HTML
  9. Near Death
  10. Take Off Lunch
  11. 20 th in St. Augustine
  12. Website Restoration
  13. Keeping Awake in a Movie
  14. 50th at Wild Dunes
  15. A New CD Writer Drive
  16. The Youth of Parents
  17. Death By Turtle
  18. Sennheiser Replacement Ear Cushions
  19. Caribbean Cruise 2004
  20. Correcting CD-ROM Drive Icons

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