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Thank you for visiting these pages. We'd all love it if you'd Add to this guestbook! The time shown on the posts is Pacific Coast Time. You do the math.

I'm native to the Savannah area and seeing your pictures make me incredibly homesick. I long for the the marshes, dolphins, beach and sunrise. I'm looking forward to a visit to HHI in March '05 when I'll be able to breathe the marsh air and run my toes throught the sand . . . even so it's not the same as Tybee or Savannah. Post more pictures . . . it's like looking at pictures from a friend to remind you how beautiful the Low Country can be . . . .T:)
Tracy <>
Murfreesboro, TN USA - Tue Dec 28 17:23:56 2004
Hey, John!

You just never know when a bad penny (or a firely) will surface again! Been a while, hmmm? (canadian "eh?). Like the new version (maybe not so new, but I haven't been on line for a while) of your site. Took me about three days once I was re-connected to remember your site name! Jeesh...fireflies are soooooo ummmmm "flitty".

sorry I didn't reply to that long ago e-mail - long story made short: computer crashed, firefly moved and it took (financially speaking mostly) a long time to get the "stuff" back assembled. Now using Windows XP and all the free download FTP sites, etc etc.

Send me a note some time (assuming the usual hurricanes have left you standing and operational) and that forgiveness for lost time is assumed *grin*...

(hugs to you and Melissa)...f'fly
firefly <>
Ajax, Ontario, Canada - Fri Sep 3 16:13:51 2004
Great page, John.

Tim, who still lives on West River Park Drive
Tim Schutte <>
Inkster, MI USA - Fri Mar 14 7:19:49 2003
Hello. I enjoyed your Web Site! (Ò¿Ó)
Wes-Tex Printing <>
Brownwood, TX USA - Thu Nov 21 14:48:09 2002
I know I am late but do so appreciate the coverage you gave to my plight in your write-up of January 21, 2002.
I am pleased you found some delight.
Warm regards to you and your guests.
Ken Yamaha <>
Springfield, MO USA - Fri Oct 11 22:11:03 2002
I read many of your "letters to a soldier", and they reminded me so nostalgically of my own. I saved them just like you did. I was in the Army from 1968-1970, one year at Fort Bliss and one year in Nam." Great Site!
Larry Norton <>
Bedford, TX USA - Wed Sep 25 13:38:02 2002
hey! just thought i'd leave a note....i found your article on "keeping awake" and i agree with you in LOVING that song, after hearing it in the movie, but i dont' think you mentioned the movie title: DREAM FOR AN INSOMNIAC!!!! oh my goodness i love that movie! give credit where credit is due for displaying such great music in the movie! wow....ok. i wish there was a soundtrack. good choices though on your "waif" voices!
rebecca <>
augusta, ga USA - Tue Jun 4 22:06:57 2002
Checking...*G* and Thank you again for all this help..
just back from dinner with son..
Tammy <>
SF, CA USA - Sun May 12 17:54:54 2002
Welcome to the all-new guestbook. Jot a comment if you are so inclined. Thanks for coming by.
John <>
Savannah, GA USA - Mon May 6 8:06:04 2002
Cabbages and kings.... - f'fly 04:06:48 04/23/02
Posted by <> ( on April 23, 2002 at 04:06:48: well, hey! lookit here...a shiny, new guest book. I might just steal a leaf and link mine to the voy site's SO difficult to get people to write, doncha know! "grin"...Thanks for stopping by the "magic" pages, again (and for your ever-kind words). I've been busy having my bathroom torn apart (I should have the tub and shower back by stinky comments, please!) and wishing for the heat to come back..we went from plus 30 last week to minus 5 this a.m. Ah, the joys of living in the frozen and mythical land of Ott.
Keep writing...I just read the "isn't it Friday, yet?" story...boy, can I associate with those emotions..looking forward to the next episode:)...f'fly
Magic Shadow Shapes
Entries from the @Home Guestbook:
Hi John! Oh my, couldn't believe this when I found your web page. Sounds like you and Melissa are doing great. Most of us are still here at Edwards Brothers. I for one have too much time invested to leave, 24 years - WOW! Take care of yourselves and I'll be sure to keep checking out your very nice website! I love the stories!
Cindy Rohraff
Cindy Rohraff <> or <>
Ann Arbor, MI USA - Thursday, January 10, 2002 at 06:46:38 (PDT)
Hi there. Looks like a down to earth website. Read about Sasha. God bless her. Neat family website. Keep going. Phil
Canada Toronto - Tuesday, October 02, 2001 at 04:48:59 (PDT)
You do such fun websites!!!!!!
Julie Marinko Plunk <>
Jackson, TN USA - Wednesday, September 12, 2001 at 17:16:30 (PDT)
Hi John, sorry it took so long to get back to you. Thanks for signing in at my Forum and I am very glad you liked my writing. You have a very nice page as well.
Keep in Touch~
Murmur <>
Buchanan, Ga USA - Friday, August 24, 2001 at 12:56:35 (PDT)
Thanx for the help with my Website! You're awesome. Glad there are others who share my interests.
Lori Nelson <>
Spokane, WA USA - Wednesday, August 15, 2001 at 20:08:16 (PDT)
Great WebPage. Do you have any pics of Ft. Knox?
Lori <>
Spokane, WA USA - Tuesday, August 07, 2001 at 20:18:37 (PDT)
John -- Hi Lori -- There are Ft Knox pics on the Pictures page. If you'd like to see more let me know. Did you take Basic Training there? Here are more Ft. Knox pictures.
I came across your site while searching for some Karla Bonoff lyrics and info. I have to agree with you, she is one of the warmest and purest vocalist with song that touch your soul. She has been a major influence in my own music. Most people have never heard of her, and they are truly missing out. I'm glad I found another fan. debbie

P.S. Thanks for the glimpse into your world, I will be back!
Debbie <>
Baton Rouge, La USA - Monday, July 23, 2001 at 20:47:11 (PDT)
hiya "storypile" :0)...I've been following your stories ...every time I read one (like Father's day) I feel this overwhelming urge to write something...but it passes! Aren't people (specially families) peculiar in a special way? guest books and message boards and the trying to "stay-in-touch" syndrome doesn't strike everyone, does it? or perhaps it does, and that's another thing that just kind of "passes" as we scurry through our days...speaking of which...time to scurry on thro:)....i love "remarkable times" cause it's the little stuff that sticks with us...just like the dandelion fluff floating thro the Ott air tonite...f'fly
firefly lt;>
Ottawa Canada - Tuesday, June 19, 2001 at 18:04:15 (PDT)
Email: <>
Location: London, England
Date: Saturday, March 24, 2001 at 05:59:59
Thanks for the advice. You have an excellent website.

Really enjoyed your page. Bookmarked it so I can return.
Don Anderson<>
Franklin, N.H. USA - Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 06:54:17 (PDT)
Thanks for the GO FAQ and all the help you provided. I enjoyed reading your stories.
Mike <>
Philadelphia, PA USA - Wednesday, February 14, 2001 at 18:47:17 (PDT)
Just dropping by out of curiosity, and I must say - great place! I envy you, you must have lived a full life indeed! :)
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Mrs Giggles <>

This guest's handle is: lucyliu1
These comments were posted Sunday, November 19, 2000 at 20:30:26 (PST)
This is (finally!) a "Dear John" letter to you...I've read all your stories (every word) and all your letters...and I have such great admiration, not only for the way you phrase them, but for the ummm would you say "courage"? it takes to put your life on the net...I've been writing a series of journals since I was 10 and that's a long way to fly, and I'm still contemplating whether I would have the intestinal fortitude to put some of it in an electronic firefly journal..we'll see...meantime, I enjoy your pages...and your little lectures on the message board, too *evil grin*...cya soon...(f'fly)...p.s. I still cannot edit the Wizard's Guest you're stuck in there for eternity or until GO stops, whichever comes first :)
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firefly <>

This guest's handle is: firefly
These comments were posted Sunday, November 19, 2000 at 11:24:18 (PST)
Thanks for your help. I was wiped when I picked up your note and need to get to church to sing for the morning, so will give your advice a try when I return. I am still not clear on something you wrote, but will get to you as soon as I work at the "problem". Thank are the only one who responded to my plea. I appreciate your time. Sure would like to get up to where you are with all you have on the web. peace and hugs....Jo
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jo oliver <>

This guest's handle is: babylady
These comments were posted Sunday, November 12, 2000 at 04:39:33 (PST)
Hi , thanks for the advice, it WORKS! You sure have nice homepages. greetings, Alorak
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These comments were posted Thursday, November 09, 2000 at 23:08:51 (PST)
The Scouts of the Digital Delilah's have seen your site and commend your wonderful work. The Digital Delilah's offer a friendly site competition for sites such as yours! Come on over! Stop in, look around, apply to our Web Ring, the competition, or even the staff! We always welcome talent on our staff. Hope to see you soon!
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These comments were posted Thursday, October 19, 2000 at 09:13:05 (PDT)
I really enjoyed the journey through your life!!
This was posted by:
Deanna <>

These comments were posted Wednesday, October 18, 2000 at 14:42:19 (PDT)
An additional site for Schneider family tree pictures and info:
This was posted by:
Steven Edward Schneider <>

This guest's handle is: ses145
These comments were posted Sunday, October 15, 2000 at 14:00:18 (PDT)
Hey there. Read your message in my guestbook and decided to checkout yours. I'll drop by again to read more stories.
This was posted by:
Nor <>

This guest's handle is: njd90
asia is this guest's favorite chatroom.
These comments were posted Saturday, October 14, 2000 at 21:04:50 (PDT)
kewl page :)
This was posted by:
Sarah Bindhari <>

This guest's handle is: Ðå®kåñgê£
vp is this guest's favorite chatroom.
These comments were posted Friday, October 13, 2000 at 17:12:47 (PDT)
I just read a couple of your latest entrys. On the one you talked about your back problems and resuming exersizing, notably running. I liked your contribution to the discovery of the use of stomach muscles in assisting the use of other body parts. One advantage of pulling in the gut is the perfection of posture. Standing or sitting in a perfect upright position not only improves ones appearance but helps the rest of the body to keep healthy and perform as nature intended. Keep up the good work of staying fit and try to outlive your old man. Fri.10/6
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These comments were posted Friday, October 06, 2000 at 08:39:59 (PDT)
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These comments were posted Thursday, October 05, 2000 at 20:24:14 (PDT)
John, you have a webpage that is so nice. Usually I will not read all small details of the others. But not yours! I feel a real friend that is close to me telling me about life. Even I don't know you. Every piece in your webpage is so good. I looked at some of your picture and they are very professional indeed. Since you are so good at it, I very be grateful if you give some suggestions on my site if you have a chance. thanks bopan
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These comments were posted Thursday, October 05, 2000 at 20:05:54 (PDT)
Nice work here John. Love the stories. I'll come back and read more later! Cya...
This was posted by: -- Tiffany <>

This guest's handle is: Karluck
These comments were posted Monday, October 02, 2000 at 20:30:37 (PDT)
I'm glad to hear you are running, a simply wonderful way to get into, and staying in, shape. Next, you can try yoga, a simply wonderful way to keep stretched after the rigors of a run. Remember: you are as young as you are flexible. Bill
This was posted by:
bill <>

These comments were posted Monday, October 02, 2000 at 16:10:24 (PDT)
Hi John, just dropped by to see if there was an update on Sasha but I see you haven't updated since September 18. I hope no news is good news......Diana :)
This was posted by: -- Diana <>

These comments were posted Sunday, October 01, 2000 at 13:30:42 (PDT)
Thanks for the tip, and the visit, and the encouragement ... this is an nice place you have here!
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This guest's handle is: BrigitaLee
These comments were posted Saturday, September 30, 2000 at 00:26:12 (PDT)
Hi John. Now I know why you're handle is StoryPile. I read the "Animal Rescue" story. It was great. Thanks for sharing these things.
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bakerman70 <>

This guest's handle is: bakerman70
These comments were posted Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 21:46:39 (PDT)
Finally, finally, I checked out your web page, after finding the address at the end of the email Jim sent you yesterday. I enjoyed the images of driving pell-mell down south toward your new home in Georgia, trying to outrun Morpheus and her sweet arms of sleep. I suddenly remembered once when I visited you-in Virginia, I think- while you were stationed in the Army. You were driving my mustang, it was night, I was dozing next to you, then suddenly I was jolted awake by a sudden swerve of the car. Apparently, you fell asleep at the wheel ( great Austin Western Swing band, by the way) and at the last moment, at the edge of a cliff, you awakened from your nap and averted a potentially spectacular car crash, you know the kind--the car arcing over the edge, voices from inside screaming hopelessly, the horrendous crash and fiery explosions as we tumbled over and over into the blackness below. Anyway, I'm glad you stopped for the night for some sleep. The story of our flight from hurricane Floyd brought back so many pleasant memories of your home, the beaches, the routine of running around Wilmington island...I really love your homestead and its environs. I, too, wrote in my journal of the adventure of evacuation, and you summed it up beautifully. It truly was a Circus Maximus, a carnival of humanity that stretched the length of the interstate. I love reading your little vignettes. Keep 'em coming. Bill Schneider, Mountlake Terrace, WA
This was posted by:
bill schneider <>

These comments were posted Wednesday, September 06, 2000 at 19:20:28 (PDT)
Webmaster's note: That wasn't me "dozing next to you," that was me experimenting with some illegal substance and finally coming out of it! In God's hands we truley were that day, fer sher!
These were some great stories, particularly about Sasha and the baby duck. I hope your cat is doing well. As far as the duck is concerned, remember, not one bird falls out of the sky without our Father knowing of it. Keep the faith.
God Bless
This was posted by:
Pastor Bill

These comments were posted Sunday, September 03, 2000 at 20:22:44 (PDT)
Wow!! your Home Page is great!! No where near what mine's could BE! Did you DOWNLOAD all this stuff and how do you do this? It was cool and thank you for inviting me to see your CREATION. RUFFRYDER'S BADDEST CHIC.............
This was posted by:
Loveysha25 <>

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These comments were posted Sunday, September 03, 2000 at 20:07:08 (PDT)
Glad to hear Sasha is doing better. Diana :)
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Diana <>

none is this guest's favorite chatroom.
These comments were posted Saturday, September 02, 2000 at 16:00:33 (PDT)
hi John .. didn't want Diana to be the only girl to sign your guestbook .. and since you write in mine so often i figured i should return the favor .. anyways i didn't go deep sea fishing .. had other things to do .. i may go floattubing this weekend though .. and i have new nail polish that is sure to help :) later c
This was posted by: -- chloe and smaas <>

This guest's handle is: chloe
Active Worlds -- Amazons is this guest's favorite chatroom.
These comments were posted Wednesday, August 23, 2000 at 14:28:35 (PDT)
Just checked back for updates on Sasha John. Just to let you know I'm thinking of Sasha and your family. If you're up to it email me and let me know how things are going. Diana
This was posted by: -- Diana <>

These comments were posted Monday, August 21, 2000 at 18:01:15 (PDT)
Hi John, I just came back to read the update on Sasha but I see there isn't one since the 18th. I'll be back. Diana :)
This was posted by: -- Diana <>

These comments were posted Sunday, August 20, 2000 at 15:32:15 (PDT)
Hi John, I visited your site for the first time today. I'm sorry to hear about Sasha. She's very lucky to have family that loves her so much. Diana :(
This was posted by: -- Diana <>

These comments were posted Friday, August 18, 2000 at 20:46:02 (PDT)
John, I love your stories and will check back daily for updates on Sasha! My thoughts and prayers are with you.
This was posted by:
Angela Rout <>

This guest's handle is: Angela_Rout
These comments were posted Thursday, August 17, 2000 at 13:12:24 (PDT)
Loved the golf story. I still think it's a boring game. The closest I've come to golfing is driving the beer cart around at the charity golf tournaments!
This was posted by:
Julie Alayne Anne Marinko Plunk <>

These comments were posted Sunday, August 06, 2000 at 06:22:30 (PDT)
Since you visited my site, I thought I would return the favor. This is a fine site, I can tell I'll come back again.
This was posted by: -- Jenny Spratt <>

These comments were posted Thursday, August 03, 2000 at 17:28:23 (PDT)
I've just read about Sasha; I just wish I knew what the right thing to say was.... My thoughts are with you.
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These comments were posted Tuesday, July 18, 2000 at 03:51:49 (PDT)
I was here :)
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These comments were posted Friday, July 14, 2000 at 10:31:11 (PDT)

Thanks for your comments!

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