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Saving neighborhood wildlife in Ann Arbor.
A child of the 1950s in Inkster, Michigan.
Getting back into an exercise routine.
John & Melissa solve an automobile related problem.
A dolphin tour on Savannah area waterways.
A blind date experience in high school.
Our trip to New York City singing in Carnegie Hall one Memorial Day weekend.
Our first experience with a family pet.
My first experience with golf.
Installed a new peripheral, a CD-R drive!
My Army courtmartial examined.
Our second cruise to the Caribbean.
Stupidity in a Gulfstream parking lot.
First day at Eastern Michigan University and its results.
Guestbook - Read.
My foray into learning HTML.
One of my favorite singer-songwriters ever.
Finding some cool music in a movie
Leaving the bitter Michigan winter for the warmer south.
Finding a new universe, reality, and meaning of life.
The second best vacation spot since the Caribbean islands.
How close one can come to death and tell about it.
Building a new computer and its trials.
The wildest escape of a natural disaster we've encountered.
How you too can create a personal web site.
The Schneider family tree.
Places we are mentioned in the print media.
Search this web site.
My visit to San Diego one weekend to visit my brother Mike.
One lunch break at Gulfstream Aerospace.
One of my favorite books, Wanderer Springs.
A fabulous twentieth wedding anniversary in Florida.
Follies trying to upgrade from Windows 95 to Windows 98.
Restoring one of my favorite web sites.
Celebrating a 50th Birthday at Wild Dunes Resort, SC.

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Five of Greg's old family albums of the family growing up
Pictures Mom pulled from old family albums of fun times over the first 50 years
Memories of grade school days at St. Norberts School