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During the last week in August in the year 2001 Melissa and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary with this little trip to St. Augustine, Florida. We spent two nights in the Coquina Gables, St. Augustine's 1st Bed & Breakfast on the beach (as their brochure states). The stay was as delightful as these pictures suggest. Our hosts, Tracy and Aubrey Arnn, surrendered their high pressure corporate careers in Santa Fe, NM, a few years ago for the much more sane lifestyle of the beach and bed and breakfast, a transition they've made a success if our stay is an accurate barometer.

So browse these photos at your pleasure. We've got great memories inviting us back.

These shots follow chronologically, from our arrival at the Bed & Breakfast, a visit to the beach out front, the houses either side of the B&B, and the next day our short tour of St. Augustine's historic district. We had dinner at the Ale1A at the foot of the Bridge of Lions where Florida route A1A turns toward the ocean, thus the panoramic view of the bridge area looking towards Anastasia Island, where the B&B is located. Then some shots follow of the old fort and the Gates of St. Augustine.

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20th Anniversary in St. Augustine

P8280214.jpg P8280215.jpg P8280216.jpg P8280218.jpg P8280219.jpg P8280220.jpg
P8280221.jpg P8280222.jpg P8280223.jpg P8280224.jpg P8280225.jpg P8280226.jpg
P8290227.jpg P8290228.jpg P8290229.jpg P8290231.jpg P8290233.jpg P8290234.jpg
P8290235.jpg P8290237.jpg P8290245.jpg P8290251.jpg P8290252.jpg P8290257.jpg
P8290258.jpg P8290260.jpg P8290261.jpg P8290262.jpg P8290263.jpg P8290264.jpg
P8290266.jpg P8290267.jpg P8290268.jpg P8290273.jpg P8290274.jpg P8290275.jpg
P8290276.jpg P8290277.jpg P8290278.jpg P8290280.jpg P8290281.jpg P8290282.jpg
P8290283.jpg P8290284.jpg P8290286.jpg P8290287.jpg P8290288.jpg P8290290.jpg

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