schneiders by the shore logo the 50th Birthday Celebration of

John Schneider

at Wild Dunes Resort

Isle of Palms, South Carolina
May 19 through May 24, 2002

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event created and organized
by Melissa Schneider

For my 50th birthday celebration my wife Melissa surprised me with a 5 day stay on our favorite South Carolina beach with most of my family members. It was a tremendous respite from the crushing responsibilities of the work day world. She rented a 5 bedroom house on the beach in Wild Dunes Resort, Isle of Palms, South Carolina. My sister Lynn and her husband, Sherwood flew down from Morristown, New Jersey. My sister Marylou flew down from Kalamazoo, Michigan. My brother Bill drove in from Cheyenne, Wyoming, by way of Texas and Florida, and brother Mark drove down from Detroit, Michigan, 5 days after having surgery. Mom and Dad took a leisurely three day drive from South Lyon, Michigan. And though most of us arrived at the beach house after a trip through rain and chill, we did quickly shed the precipitation for sun and blue skies. And even the cool temperatures became a blessing as we could use the fireplace the house offered.

These pictures are a delightful reminder of the fun we had.