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Karla Bonoff in concert in Savannah Georgia, October 22, 2022

On Friday night, April 22, 2022 my wife Melissa and I enjoyed Karla's visit to Savannah, GA again, and below are my notes of the concert. It was held at Victory North, a multi-purpose venue, hosting mainly music acts, located at 2603 Whitaker and Victory Drive. I brought my camera but no pictures were allowed per an employee of the facility (though some few people did record videos from their phone). The acoustics were pretty good and Karla and Nini Gerber were great. She still has a beautiful voice even though her high range is diminishing somewhat, but at the age of 71 she still sings beautifully and the concert was wonderful and at times quite moving.

I am remembering the events and songs of last night from memory, which at the age of 70 is showing signs of wear. But at the best of my memory, here is what I pleasantly recall.

Song List, not in order of performance:

Home, Lose Again, Someone to Lay Down Beside Me, all from her 1st album, Karla Bonoff (1977)

Trouble Again, Restless Nights, from Restless Nights album (1979), her 2nd album; and encore: The Water Is Wide

Please Be the One, from 3rd album, Wild Heart of the Young (1982); and encore: Personally

How Long, New World, Tell Me Why, All My Life, Goodbye My Friend, from 4th album New World (1988)

All the Way Gone, (from House of Silence, Bryndle, also on Carry Me Home album (2019) Baja Oklahoma (from a Karla Bonoff Live record)

Cover of "Something Fine," by Jackson Browne

A tune from early Brindle (can't recall a name, perhaps All the Way Gone mentioned above?)

Nina Gerber played an acoustic solo tune while Karla took a break: Imagine (John Lennon) (w/ audience participation.

Karla opened with the song "Home" which was featured in an episode of the TV show "Wonder Years".

There could be a song or two or more that I forget, but this is what I'm recalling the day after.

She chatted between each tune and was often quite humoorous; she talked about her songs made popular by others like Linda Ronstadt; Wynonna Judd asking if she had any songs she could use and the offer of Tell Me Why; her cat Tex not returning home and writing Goodbye My Friend for him; of being in the group Bryndle after high school and recording an 11 song demo but the record company (Elektra Records) didn't release it because they didn't know what to make of it or how to market it; talked about her last appearance in Savannah "ten years ago", actually was about 12 - on 10/10/2010, for the Savannah Folk Music Festival, performing with Nina Gerber at Grayson Stadium on Victory Drive. Grayson is the home baseball field of the then Savannah Sand Gnats minor league team (now called the Savannah Bananas!!!.

Her set lasted from about 8:45 pm until around 10:15. The audience was very appreciative of everything she did during the performance and we called her back to the stage for a 2 song encore. As mentioned above the first song was "Personnally" and the second was "The Water Is Wide", which she mentioned her learning the guitar with Frank Hamilton of the folk group, The Weavers, who taught her the version of this traditional song which she used on her 1st album.

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Concert Pictures, Savannah, GA, from October 10, 2010
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