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March 18, 2003--

Need some humor today? Meet Agnes.


There are few comic strips that are simply a wonder to behold. Calvin and Hobbes was one; a supremely clever piece of literature that mimicked with uncanny precision the trials and tribulations of a six year old growing up, many of the trials and tribulations inflicted on the parents. Agnes is not too disimilar.

I found the writing to be amazingly witty and realistic even when fabricating the imaginary world of Calvin's imagination. Very few writers can accomplish such miracles of witticism. Charles Schultz did it from the 1950s through the end of the century. I relished Peanuts and a few of the other brilliant comic strip artists of last century. Johnny Hart with BC, Pogo, was always cutting edge. Today we have FoxTrot. In my view the best of today's comics. How does Bill Amend do it? How does he get into the mind of the parents and children of his creation and make every day occurrences a riot? It must be a miracle. Funny is too small a word to describe it. His immense popularity is well deserved.

One strip that may not be as popular but is almost on par with FoxTrot is Agnes. Tony Cochran does a wonderful job bringing a six year old girl (or there abouts) to life. Brilliant, in a word. Instead of describing the work it is best tasted for oneself. Here are a few strips for your enjoyment:

Selected Agnes Strips

culled from the last few weeks. Buy his books. Visit the strip's web site daily. See it at

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