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June 24, 2002--

The fun project for this weekend past was to take some photo albums obtained from my brother and put them on the web. They were family pictures from thirty-two years ago. Greg must have just started taking pictures at the ripe age of 13. When brother Bill visited Greg and his family in Houston, Bill was assigned to transport them to Savannah. It was such a hoot to look through these four albums I decided the whole family should be able to see them as well.

Using my favorite web creation tools, NoteTab Pro, IrfanView, and Catalog Wizard (the old free-ware version), and including Microsoft's Photo Editor this time, I scanned all four albums and put them on line here.

Surely those outside the family will little note nor long remember what we did back then. But we will. Most of us anyway. Here's to lost youth!

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