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January 21, 2002--

Spoof pages are fun; everyone ought to have at least one. I came across this particular example while searching for an old Detroit area radio station, WKNR, "Keener 13." My search accidentally brought me to this motorcycle accident story called The Accidental Kenyamaha. (now offline - July 2010 It was one of the more gracefully choreographed stories that I've read this week. Especially enjoyable is the Lunar Lander analogy, a device particularly well conceived and crafted. After a careful and considerate reading of the tragedy I continued through the rest of his site. It was a delightful way to spend a day at the office.

I empathized with the writer as I shared his trauma. Then as I read more of his pages I was drawn to the conclusion that his site was an exercise in spoofiness. It's much better than my own feeble attempt I have buried in this secret location (don't tell the girls I made these public, they might be too embarrassed and abhor me even more), though I do think I did a pretty good job on it if you'd ask me. One clue I caught that Ken's site might be a parody was that he calls himself Don on one page. And at different places he says the accident happened on I-90 or on I-70. These are minor discrepancies, to be sure, indeed they may be typos, though it does happen that an author might forget his own name. And I may just be reading between the lines since the site is done with considerable ingenuity as to make it difficult to determine with any certainty if he's telling the truth or not. But even if he (or she!) isn't, the narration is so smooth that you won't really care one way or the other. You have to admire someone who is this comfortable with creative reconstruction of reality. We all should be so gifted.

So I'll leave it to you to make up your own mind and simply pass this address along. It's always fun to read good writing anyway, so your exertion shouldn't be in vain even if you read it at home on your own time.

Too bad the web page is gone now, was at You can get to the rest of his pages from there. I highly recommend it.

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