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November 8, 2001--

Again I had some fun re-creating someone's web site. During the Telfair Art Fair the weekend of November 3 & 4, Melissa's jewelry booth was set up next to a young artist from Atlanta. Melissa Herrington also in her first Telfair show was a delight to meet and chat with and she indicated she did have a web site but it had older work on it. So I offered my restoration services. Gratis, of course, and took some pictures of her work. The next few days I enjoyed the challenge of making a sight worthy of her paintings. I really like what I came up with and am waiting to hear what she thinks. Her original site is at this place.

It was a fun exercise in mimicking an existing web site using the ancient tools of the trade, basic HTML. No scripts, no Java, no magic, no mirrors. Just me and my text editor (NoteTab Pro), and IrfanView for a graphics editor. You can judge for yourselves, but I think it turned out pretty darn well. Here's the full story.

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